Bucket of Flowers


PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering flowers for an event in winter, you must select a winter bucket.

Each color option in the drop down menu includes the time of year. Select the time of year when you will be receiving the flowers.

A bucket of seasonal blooms! What could be better?!

Approximately 50-75 stems of focal flowers, secondary blooms and filler flower. Foliage by request. 

The exact number of stems will depend on the size and value of the flowers. So during dahlia season, when flowers are large and valuable, expect closer to 50 stems. In mid-spring, when flowers have that slender “wildflower” look, expect closer to 70 stems.

Flower varieties and the exact number of stems are up to us.

We also have an option for greenery only buckets.

If you are making arrangements, budget for at least one bucket for every 5 Mason jar centerpieces. You can make two or three bridesmaid bouquets from a bucket. (Although the exact stem counts required will depend on your design preferences.)

Choose your preferred color below!