Farm Co-Manager

Farm Co-Manager

We have two open positions.  In an ideal world, we would fill one position in late October/November 2020 and the other in February/March 2021

Classification and Estimated Hours

Full-time, salaried, exempt.

Odd hours and/or weekend work required.


  • $35,568 per year 
  • 10 days paid vacation per year
  • A substantial grocery discount through our sister business, Zadie’s Market
  • Professional development opportunities

Job Description

The farm at Carolina Flowers spans approximately 4 acres over three properties in Marshall, NC.  The Farm Co-Manager is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the farm and works closely with the General Manager and the other Co-Manager to create, implement and track progress on farm plans and projects. 

In addition to  the day-to-day operation of the farm, the farm co-manager is responsible for record keeping and communication between the  farm and the other arms of the business: the flower shop, the wedding florals and daily deliveries

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparing soil for planting, including tilling, bed-shaping, and amending with compost and fertilizer.
  • Planting flower crops from direct seed, plugs, bulbs, and tubers.
  • Irrigation design, implementation and irrigation system maintenance.
  • Creating and implementing programs for fertilizer and pest control, which include drenches, inoculants, foliar sprays, pellets and others.
  • Weeding.
  • Installing netting and other necessary physical supports for crops that require it.
  • Harvesting based on seasonal availability and flower shop needs.
  • Understanding proper harvest stage, necessary harvest conditions and post-harvest handling and processing, including drying
  • Dead-heading and topping plants to ensure continued production and proper physical structure. 
  • Removing previous season’s crops efficiently in order to make room for the next succession planting. 
  • Cover-cropping fields between successions as much as possible. 
  • Caring for all over-wintered crops throughout cold months, including venting high tunnels and constructing and venting low tunnels.
  • Seasonally pruning flower bushes to encourage regrowth and proper physical structure.
  • Maintaining the farm properties, including mowing, weed-whacking, ditch maintenance, and regularly removing trash.  
  • Maintaining proper irrigation and temperature conditions inside high-tunnels.
  •  Supervising part-time farm assistants.
  • Working with the General Manager to make sure projects are on track and the flower shop has the flowers it needs on time. 
  • Many duties not listed  here


  • Professional farming experience. Farm management experience and flower farming experience are helpful but not required.
  • Excellent  communicator and record keeper.
  • General carpentry and building skills are a plus. A proficiency  with handtools for soil and construction is a plus.
  • Solutions-oriented problem solver
  • Persistent attitude
  • Level-headed during unpredictable situations
  • Methodical and able  to understand and follow  company  policies
  • Experience supervising farm assistants
  • Commitment to sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices
  • Knowledgeable about pest control and mitigation, particularly with regards to flower crops.
  • Knowledge of growing in a wet, warm climate.
  • Experience working with farm equipment, including tractors, tillers, brush hogs, weed-whackers, etc.
  • Knowledge of machinery safety best practices.
  • Risk-averse around heavy equipment.
  • Hard-working, efficient, but not a rusher.
  • Flexible and positive attitude.
  • Willing to work hard and keep working in bad weather.
  • Comfortable with a little bit of chaos.
  • Finds joy in watching things grow and the beauty of fresh, local flowers.

Physical Demands

  • Must be able to regularly lift and carry 50 pounds over distances of up to 100 feet regularly and without difficulty.
  • Must be able to work on your feet all day.
  • Must be able to work in bad weather and come to work in the proper attire for the season. 

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