Floral Assistant 2

Carolina Flowers Floral Assistant 2


Hourly, part-time, non-exempt position

Approximately 16 hours per week


Fridays and Saturdays


Occasional Sunday work will be required


Seasonal position. Term will run until Thanksgiving. Winter hours and contract renewal may be offered for the right candidate.

The Floral Assistant role is a great way to develop your interest in flowers and learn the basics of the business.

This entry-level role will encompass a little bit of everything: cleaning and prepping, assisting designers, learning a few floral design basics, maintaining the storefront, customer service, event installation, delivering flowers, clean up and more!

The schedule is important. Friday and Saturdays are the days we are offering. Every now and then, we might ask you to add a Sunday. 

Carolina Flowers is an ambitious farm-to-consumer business based in Marshall, North Carolina, and serving the greater Asheville area. We grow most of the flowers we use on our 5-acre farm using organic, sustainable practices.

Our shop, Carolina Flowers Mercantile, serves as both our retail showcase and our production area. All blooms come here after they leave the farm for processing, storage and arranging. It’s an exciting and beautiful place to work!

The Floral Assistant will work with the Studio Manager and Floral Designers to support the team in organizing, creating, loading and installing floral event orders, as well as everyday orders and deliveries.

This position is NOT a floral designer. You will be expected to learn a few design skills overtime, but you will not be designing. You will be assisting in counting, sorting, water picking, processing flowers.

You might occasionally be asked to help make deliveries.

Job Description

The Floral Assistant will possess a can-do attitude and an understanding of the value of everything from washing buckets to completing a bespoke floral installation.

You must also have the confidence to ask questions when you don't know something!

Tasks will include counting, processing and wrapping flowers for bucket orders, pulling recipes, wiring vases, creating greenery bases, processing flowers, wrapping flowers, packing flower arrangements, loading vans, driving vans, sweeping, composting, clean up and much more!

You will also be assigned shop keeper duty on a regular basis, so you will be keeping an eye on the storefront while completing other tasks. You'll answer questions and complete transactions with customers. 

You will be assigned phone duty on a regular basis, so you should be able to use the established company technique to complete phone orders via the computer with an upbeat and positive demeanor.

You will likely assist with flower arranging workshops.

Event work is physical in nature, so you must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.

The Floral Assistant should encapsulate the spirit of Carolina Flowers with an upbeat, positive attitude and a genial, kind demeanor. The Floral Assistant will often interact with customers, so cordiality and conversation skills are a must.

The Floral Assistant should be able to work within the established Carolina Flowers style. There is room for creativity and expansion of our current style, as long as it’s well communicated.

Because we are a fast-paced, quickly-growing company, the Floral Assistant should be flexible and excited about pitching in with other company initiatives as needed, whether that means filling in at the cash register, running supplies to the farm, washing buckets or helping execute a glamorous photo shoot. As a member of our team, it’s likely we will ask you to participate in outside-the-box team initiatives. We have fun, but we work very hard!

A valid driver's license and a clean driving record are required.

We have a shop dog named Huey. He's small. You must tolerate a dog at work.


  • The ability to understand and follow written and verbal instructions
  • Must be able to meet deadlines
  • Must be able to adapt to change 
  • Asks clarify questions and seek more information about new tasks
  • Excellent customer service skills and customer service experience
  • Ability to operate a phone system and take orders via the phone
  • Ability to operate a POS system using an iPad
  • Ability to accept credit card payments, make change and troubleshoot POS payment issues that might arise
  • An upbeat, positive attitude that comes across in everything you do
  • Enthusiastic team player
  • Attention to detail
  • Organized and efficient
  • Resiliency and indefatigability
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Excitement about becoming part of a quickly growing company
  • Our preference is that we would be your only floral employer. Freelance or part-time work for other florists (including yourself) must be disclosed and approved
  • Valid driver's license and clean driving record

Reports To

Studio Manager

Collaborates With

Floral Designers, Floral Assistants


Part Time, Non-Exempt


Depending on experience. $17/hr. +

Employee discount.

Eligibility for late-night clean up bonuses, which average about $200.

Estimated Weekly Hours

Friday, Saturday

Approximately 16 hours per week.