Classic Arrangement Subscription, Anytime


Send continuous flowers to a special person -- or treat yourself.

Subscriptions are available year round. They will include flowers from our farm March through the end of October.

You may pick up your subscription at our flower shop or select delivery. You'll pay one delivery fee upfront.

Schedule the date of your first subscription at  checkout.

We will send you  an email with confirmation of all subsequent dates based on the frequency options you  select below.

The Fine Print

  • Blackout Dates: We are unable to schedule subscription deliveries between May 5 and May 9.
  • You may change your subscription dates by sending an email to It is up to you to notify us if you need to change your dates.
  • We cannot offer refunds or cancellations for subscriptions. However, we can offer store credit.
  • Please trust us to choose the most remarkable flowers for your  subscription!  It is difficult for us to accommodate requests for a particular flower. If it's important to you, you may let us know by emailing However, please be respectful of the time it takes to administer a program like this!