Ranunculus Subscription


We have run out of stock for this item.

Ranunculus are one of the most popular flowers we grow! We're excited to bring you fluffy, ruffly, longlasting flowers in spring 2021.

The Ranunculus Subscription runs from the week of March 29 through the week of May 17. You will receive 6 deliveries scheduled approximately 10 days apart.

Each subscription will contain approximately 24 stems with directions about how to care for your flowers.

This subscription is designed to connect you with premium flowers. We are only offering a limited number of these subscriptions so we can offer you the best of the best!

You may pick up your subscription at our flower shop or select delivery. You'll pay one delivery fee upfront, and the remainder of the deliveries will be free! We are not mailing subscriptions at this time.

If you are planning to give this subscription as a gift, please reply to the confirmation email and let us know! We are happy to email you a printable flyer to insert in a greeting card. In fact, we have some excellent greeting cards for you to choose from that would be great for this purpose!


  • Ranunculus Subscription

  • Large Bunch: Approximately 24 Ranunculus per Bunch

  • 6 Deliveries Staggered Approximately 10 Days Apart

  • We will schedule your dates with you via email in early March.
  • Delivery or Pick Up

  • If you select delivery, pay the fee for delivery to your address at purchase. The other three deliveries will be free!

The Fine Print

  • Blackout Dates: We are unable to schedule subscription deliveries between May 6 and May 10.
  • You may change your subscription dates by sending an email to info@carolinaflowers.com. It is up to you to notify us if you need to change your dates.
  • We cannot offer refunds or cancellations for subscriptions. However, we can offer store credit.
  • We reserve the right to tweak the dates  of this subscription due to weather. (For example, we might begin earlier in the event of a hot spring, or later in the event of a cold spring.) You will be notified of any changes.

  • Please trust us to choose the most remarkable flowers for your  subscription!  It is difficult for us to accommodate requests for a particular flower. If it's important to you, you may let us know by emailing info@carolinaflowers.com. However, please be respectful of the time it takes to administer a program like this!