Soft Pink Socrates Gladiolus, 20 Corms


A sot pink gladiolus that looks wonderful in arrangements or in the garden.

Plant when your soil temperature is above 55 degrees in a well-draining area.

Gladiolus prefer full sun or areas with morning sun.

We recommend planting gladiolus 4-6 inches deep in well draining soil. Do not plant gladiolus in areas where standing water pools.

Plant 2-5 inches apart, depending on the visual density you prefer.

Gladiolus are very easy to grow. After planting, they do not require any particular care -- just prevent animal nuisances that might eat the bulbs or flowers, and make sure the drainage is good. Water weekly or twice a week when temperatures are hight.

You can leave gladiolus in the ground after flowering to return next year. If you pick the flowers, they are unlikely to bloom the following year. They might come back eventually. If you are interested in growing cut flowers for production, treat these flowers as annuals. Also, rotate your planting spot every year as soil-bourn disease can build up over time.