What to Do in the Garden on a Rainy Day

This weather! It's beautiful, and then we're inundated by rain. Must be spring.

Rain is generally a healthy thing for our flower farm, as long as there isn't too much. However, there are a few things to know about farming and gardening in wet conditions.

In my garden, I'm digging new beds at the moment, and each time it rains, I have to stop and wait for the beds to dry out — and if you're digging, you should wait also!

Soil is like a rubber band. It has its own special memory of shape and elasticity. But if you apply pressure when it's wet, the rubber band looses its form and bounce. 

Soil is sort of like a wool sweater. When the sweater is wet, it's really easy for it to get out of form.

What happens when you compress wet soil? It stays compressed. That's why areas where cars drive get so hard packed. The problems compound. Once the structure of the soil is negatively impacted, soil creatures have a hard time living there to fix it. (They're like little elves that add organic matter and air to soil!)

So, on rainy days, what can you do in the garden? It's a great time to weed! Those pesky weeds relax when they have plenty to drink, and it's easier to loose them from the soil.

Wet weather can also be good for direct seeding if your soil is clear in advance. Some seeds, such as poppies, prefer to sit on top of the soil. Mix them with a little sand to help spread them evenly and broadcast them over wet soil.

I hope you're enjoying this cozy rainy day — and looking forward to some very pretty days ahead!