Our Flower Farm

Asheville Flower Farm

We are proud to grow the majority of the flowers we use in our designs in our community. We farm on two properties in the mountains outside of Asheville, comprising about 5 acres. The farm is about 10 minutes from our flowers shop.

We are proud to make a case for sustainable agriculture in a former tobacco community. Part of our mission is to create jobs in agriculture and demonstrate pathways for business in rural Appalachia.

Our farm is not open to the public, but you can get to know us at our flower shop!


Carolina Flowers produces blooms year-round, more or less. Peak flowering season runs from March through October, depending on the weather conditions. We plant and tend flowers in the fields during every month, even if the flowers aren’t blooming. During the coldest months, we grow tulips, paperwhites and amaryllis indoors and create seasonal wreaths. We also source flowers from beyond the farm in the winter, just like a traditional florist. Our business is designed to support and sustain our employees year-round. 


We believe agriculture can offer a positive future for the town of Marshall, the city of Asheville, and the Western North Carolina region. 


We love designing floral arrangements for weddings! The majority of our work uses seasonal flowers from our farm. However, we also know that a wedding is a special once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so we bring blooms in to meet client preferences. In the depths of winter, we complement imported blooms with berries, seed pods and special dried flower treasures.