Tulip Fan Club Update: Week 1

Asheville Flower Farm Tulips

One of my favorite parts of tulip season is watching the crop grow during the cold months.

Each little green shoot that pushes above the soil is a reminder that spring is coming, and we get closer and closer everyday!

This year, I noticed the first sprouts on January 2, about 6 weeks after they were planted.

Asheville Flower Farm Crop

Of the dozens of varieties we're growing, the first to emerge are Apricot Pride and Avant Garde.

The tulips have spent the week since buried under several inches of snow. But they love it! Cold soil leads to longer stems in the spring. With more snow in the forecast tonight, they're truly getting some time to chill.

If you're a self-proclaimed member of the Tulip Fan Club, be sure to check in next week for an update!