FAQs for Florists

Who qualifies to buy flowers at the wholesale rate? You must be a wholesale florist with a North Carolina sales tax ID number. You must be purchasing these flowers for resale, meaning you will collect sales tax from your clients. Not all businesses are eligible for a tax exemption/wholesale rate. For example, we cannot sell wholesale to venues/nonprofits decorating for an event since you will not be collecting tax from a client.
Are these wholesale purchases sales tax exempt? Yes! Because you submitted your E-595 information, these flowers won't be taxed. If you still need to submit your information, click here.
We occasionally make a mistake since tax settings are complicated, so if you see tax on a wholesale item, please let us know at info@carolinaflowers.com. However, if you buy other items outside the wholesale collection, they will be taxed. Delivery is also taxed.
Is there a delivery fee? Yes, the delivery rate is calculated by mileage from downtown Asheville. Delivery is taxed. For questions about your delivery fee, please contact info@carolinaflowers.com. We are happy to review your rate.
How soon can I get delivery? You can get delivery as soon as the next day! Just make sure your order is in by 11:59 p.m. on the previous day! Please do not regularly as for same-day delivery. Every now and then and in case of emergencies is OK, but two years ago when we offered wholesale, we felt exhausted by the frequent urgent requests, so we stopped offering wholesale.
What time will flowers be delivered? Our delivery driver departs around 12:30 p.m. and is sometimes on the road as late as 7 p.m. That's rare, but it does happen. Please include any instructions they may need to make a swift and easy delivery.
How far in advance can I order? Use the calendar at checkout to schedule your delivery or pick up. We recommend ordering no more than 7 days in advance. We are working on a pre-order system, but it's not ready yet!
Can I pick up? Yes, you can schedule a pick up at checkout. You can pick up at 62 S. Main St. in Marshall Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Can I haggle/attempt to buy your flowers for less money than advertised? No. You may not. Please don't ask. Most of you have excellent manners, but two years ago when we offered wholesale, constant haggling from some people made us stop wholesaling.
Are all your wholesale flowers from your farm? Yes!
I saw something I like on Instagram, but it's not on wholesale availability. How do I get it? We list wholesale availability when we have many, many stems available. We grow small batches of lots of things, so these are not usually available on wholesale. You are welcome to ask. We may be able to sell small-batch items tax-free at the retail rate. You can send an email with questions to info@carolinaflowers.com.
Do you ship wholesale flowers in the mail? No, we do not. Sorry.
Who should I contact with questions? For the fastest response, please use the email address info@carolinaflowers.com so our entire staff can assist you. For calls, please use our business line 828-649-8500.