Boho Bridal Bouquet


A deluxe, very flowery bridal bouquet with a wide shape. A showstopper that will create a focal point for photos and more.

In spring, expect anemones and ranunculus with lots of wonderful accent flowers such as butterfly ranunculus, snapdragons, sweet William, Larkspur, bupleurum and many others.

In summer, expect lisianthus, dahlias, cosmos, zinnias, and lots of field grown color with many varieties blooming!

In autumn, dahlias take center stage, along with celosia, chrysanthemums, zinnias, cosmos and many others.

In winter, we source some flowers from beyond the farm using the same resources a traditional florist has access to, although we do have amaryllis and anemones from our farm starting in February!

We pick the varieities of flowers. You pick the colors. If there’s something you have to have, please indicate requests in the comments section. We cannot guarantee requests, but we are happy to take them into consideration! We are unlikely to honor requests for flowers that are not in season.

We do not make replicas. The photos here are example photos that give you an idea of the size and variety of our work.

Photo by Ellie McKinney.