Farmer's Choice Bucket of Flowers

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For DIY flower arranging. Have fun creating arrangements and bouquets!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering flowers for an event in winter (November through March), you must select a winter bucket.

Approximately 50-75 stems of focal flowers, secondary blooms and filler flower. Foliage by request. For buckets of just greenery, click here.

Farmer's Choice buckets are whatever colors and varieties we choose. For custom color buckets, click here

If you love flowers and want blooms that are fresh and gorgeous, this option is perfect for you!

The exact number of stems will depend on the size and value of the flowers. So during dahlia season, when flowers are large and valuable, expect closer to 50 stems. In mid-spring, when flowers have that slender “wildflower” look, expect closer to 70 stems.

Colors, flower varieties and the exact number of stems are up to us.

We also have an option for greenery only buckets.

If you are making arrangements, budget for at least one bucket for every 5 Mason jar centerpieces. You can make two or three bridesmaid bouquets from a bucket. (Although the exact stem counts required will depend on your design preferences.)

In spring, expect anemones and ranunculus with lots of wonderful accent flowers such as butterfly ranunculus, snapdragons, sweet William, Larkspur, bupleurum and many others.

In summer, expect lisianthus, dahlias, cosmos, zinnias, and lots of field grown color with many varieties blooming!

In autumn, dahlias take center stage, along with celosia, chrysanthemums, zinnias, cosmos and many others.

In winter, we source some flowers from beyond the farm using the same resources a traditional florist has access to, although we do have amaryllis and anemones from our farm starting in February!

Our mission is to provide local flowers and greenery from our farm. However, we sometimes use flowers that we source from other farms and wholesalers to ensure availability.


Our flower deliveries typically take place between 1 and 5 p.m. unless otherwise arranged. On very rare occasions, deliveries may go as late as 7 p.m.

If you are sending flowers to a business, please let us know the hours.

If you require delivery at a specific time, please schedule a Delivery Appointment and pay the $30 fee at checkout.

Please review our Cancellation Policy and Return FAQ for more details.

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We are so proud to grow the majority of the flowers we sell! Flower farming is hard but rewarding work. We grow dozens of varieties, nearly year-round.

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