PREORDER for Dec. 10: Snowy Meadow Floral Wreath


Just like a wintery meadow on a crisp day, this wreath sparkles with white, gold, neutrals, brown and green.

Flowers might include statice, gomphrena, strawflower, feverfew, hydrangea, ammobioum, dried grasses and more. This wreath could also feature greenery such as cypress and eucalyptus.

Every wreath is unique! Flowers may vary from what is pictured and described here.

You can display this wreath indoors or outdoors. Inside, this dried flower wreath will last indefinitely. We have clients who still love their wreaths a year later!

If you hang this wreath outside, be sure to place it in a covered area where it's protected from rain and heavy wind. Outdoors, the wreath will likely last until early spring.

This wreath is available in three sizes. The 8-inch size is great for a centerpiece to frame a pillar candle or an accent. For doors, the 12-inch and 20-inch sizes are best.