Take Heart Flower Card


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This card features the blossom of the peril flower Borage, a floral symbol of courage. This card is a great message of hope for a friend or loved one going through a hard time. Whether it is a death, the end of a relationship, a difficult situation, or discouraging set back of any kind, it can mean the world to know that someone is out there cheering for you. Sometimes a simple message of encouragement can be enough to lift the spirits. This is a great card to keep on hand to be sent when things get tough for a loved one.

The vibrant blue ink looks great against the crisp white paper and the metallic bronze envelope.

This unique greeting card was printed with love using an antique letterpress machine.

Handmade by Cotton Blossom Press.

100% Cotton paper
Pearl White
Folded A6 (4.625 x 6.25)
Blank interior

A6 (4.75 x 6.5)
Rectangular flap

Custom colors mixed by hand
VanSon rubber based ink