White Ranunculus Corms, 10 Pack


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This pack contains 10 white ranunculus corms.

Deluxe many-petaled flowers. Classic and elegant. These corms are Elegance Italian Ranunculus.

Instructions for planting: The best time to plant ranunculus depends on where you live. In North Carolina's Zone 6, we plant from October until mid-March.

A soil thermometer is invaluable in determining the best conditions for your ranunculus. They prefer soil temperatures between 45 and 60 degrees. If your soil reaches 60 degrees in April (Georgia), then you can plant ranunculus in the fall. If your soil freezes deeply for long periods of time during the winter (Minnesota), then you should plant during spring.

Before planting, ranunculus like to soak in water for about eight hours. If you have an aquarium bubbler that can oxygenate the water, even better! We also dip them in RootShield and Actinovate prior to planting. These treatments are not necessary, but they prevent rot.

We pre-sprout our ranunculus in crates or flats of soil in a cool, dark place like an unheated basement or garage for about 2 weeks prior to planting out. This step is not required.

Plant in full sun and well-draining soil that's been amended with an aged compost and an all-purpose fertilizer. Space corms 6-9 inches apart at a depth of approximately 2 inches. Plant pointy side down.

Protect the foliage from deep freezes. Agribon and frost cloth are great for this purpose -- just make sure the fabric doesn't touch the plants. You can use hoops or stakes to hold up the fabric.

Ranunculus are happiest when the soil temperature is between 45 and 60 degrees.